Pest Control Solutions

Residential Household Pest Control Solutions

At Insect Protection Pest Control, our experienced pest control technicians have both the experience and expertise to successfully treat your home with top of the line, safe pest control solutions for any common pest found in South Florida.

We provide Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly services for Household Pest Control, as well as one-time “Spot” treatments and eradication of hardy pests local to the Palm Beaches and South Florida.

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Termite Control Services

Termites can decimate structures without warning. Are you protected?

At Insect Protection Pest Control, our experienced team of Pest Control Professionals have the real-world experience to resolve any of the most challenging Termite challenges here in South Florida.

From full-service termite services to no-tent termite control, our team of pest control leaders has what it takes to make sure your home or business is protected with state-of-the-art pest control technology.

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Shrubs, Trees and Lawn Care Solutions

Are your lawn and shrubs healthy?

At Insect Protection Pest Control, our experienced team has over 30 years of real-world experience treating shurbs, trees and lawns in the unique climate of South Florida.

Our technicians can help you manage notorious pests that affect the healthy and wellness of your vibrant lawn and landscaping including solutions for White Fly, Fire Ants and more.

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Commercial Pest Control Services

Need Pest Control for your Commercial Locations?

At Insect Protection Pest Control, our professional pest control technicians employ all of their skills learned over a thirty year Pest Control career in South Florida to ensure your commercial locations are pest and bug free.

From treatments for interior office spaces to keeping hotel rooms bug free and safe for your South Florida guests, the team at Insect Protection has the knowledge, equipment and know-how to make your commercial locations completely bug free.

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